Golf Course Drone Services

Aerial Imagery is a new frontier that can dramatically enhance both marketing and maintenance endeavors. Add more golfers and enhance their playing experience with our marketing suite and digital caddy options. Reduce the cost and increase the effectiveness of your golf course maintenance efforts.

Modernize the showcasing of your golf course

Drone imagery has unlocked a whole new view of ... everything. And while many industries will stand to gain from drone services, golf courses have perhaps the most to gain from drone flyovers, as golf courses are inherently very aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but for too long the eye has been limited to looking from ground level. Enter the age of aerial imagery! When the view is brought up above the tree line, typically about 120 feet in the air does quite nicely, then more beauty to behold, much more is available to the eye, and the angle of the view from above is substantially more flattering to golf courses. And worthy of mention, these views have heretofore not been seen! Helicopters are too high and expensive, google earth imagery is shot with oblique angles and poor resolution. Drone imagery brings simply a more beautiful photographic shot, higher resolution, and more subject matter in each stunning image.

High end courses have known for some time that the view from above was marketing gold. Hence they invested in getting helicopters to provide the photography that they would use in their marketing and printed materials. But there were some obvious disadvantages: Helicopters are expensive, noisy and limited in their ability to be close to the ground. Today, gathering aerial imagery with drones is substantially less expensive, higher quality and confers much more utility. Fly Guys will help you harvest this value.

Golf Course Drone Solutions

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