Golf Course Maintenance

Drones for Golf

From the inception of golf, the quality of a course directly correlated with the condition of the grass or turf. Combining the aerial imagery delivered from FlyGuys Drone Services with the technology platforms that process the imagery, maintenance has a new and potent tool in its arsenal.

Through the use of drone technology, software platforms and specialty algorithms FlyGuys can simplify and expedite your results toward beautifying and maintaining your golf course.

Drones for Golf Course Overview

Using drones Fly Guys can offer a detailed overview of your entire golf course facility or specific holes.

Seascape Golf Course Hole 12

Drones for Golf Course Vegetation Health

Our Course Maintenance suite connects your footage to the latest in analytic AI to determine vegetation health. Our platform then provides actionable intelligence in the simplest form: A heat map - green is good, red is bad.

Fly Guys

Imagery and data gathered by a Drone can potentially assist in helping identify multiple golf course maintenance issues including: Soil diseases such as root Pythium dysfunction, Fairy Rings, Take-all Patches (Ophiobolus patch or Gaeumannomyces), Creeping bent grass, Localized dry spots or (LDS), Irrigation coverage or broken lines/sprinklers, ant hills, soft spots, muddy areas and more.

Drones for Problem Areas

For example, we have identified a unique problem area by using our system. See image below.

Fly Guys

Fly Guys allows you to zoom into these problem areas and see what the potential issue could be.

Fly Guys allows you to zoom into these problem areas and see what the potential issue could be, and then once located annotate the problem within the online system, then share with the appropriate individuals via a pdf, or send them a link to your map.

Fly Guys

Once you have fixed all the courses problems, we offer discounts to continually update your platform with fresh footage to see trends emerge with the time lapse feature of the platform.

Fly Guys

Golf Course Aerial Imagery Provides Vital Baseline Map

Through baselining with the initial flyover, we can come back periodically and reanalyze how your solutions are improving month by month, season by season, or year by year.

The platform also enables new and extremely useful utilities including: Annotate in a variety of ways anywhere and everywhere on your map, sketch out future development, renovation planning, categorizing areas of your course and much more, aligning key staff with clear communications, well the sky is quite literally the limit.

Fly Guys

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