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FlyGuys drone pilots are professionally certified, FAA compliant and fully insured. We fly nationwide and have pilots located across the United States.

High quality aerial photography and drone imaging solves many costly, hazardous and time-intensive issues compared to traditional methods of remote imaging and inspection involving personnel and cranes, helicopters or planes. What’s more, combining drones and cameras or other sensors with our analytics and data services can unlock a whole new realm of extreme value.

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Drone Industries Served

Our nationwide network of drone pilots coupled with the cumulative knowledge gained from an enormous amount of drone missions has given FlyGuys the experience and know-how to service all industries. Please allow us to quote your next drone project today.



Drone use is quickly becoming a valuable option for construction companies. FlyGuys offers a number of different services for the construction industry including project monitoring on an incremental basis, volume, distance and square footage measuring.

golf shot

Golf Courses

Aerial Photography & Videography is a new frontier that can dramatically enhance both marketing and maintenance endeavors for Golf Courses. FlyGuys also has a propriety iPhone App that showcases hole flyovers to your golfers. Think of it as a digital yardage book.

Real Estate

Real estate was one of the first industries to embrace drones. Drones give you the abilty to showcase the entire property and even the neighborhood. FlyGuys drone pilots specialize in capturing aerial media and video of any and all real estate properties.

Asset Inspection

Drones are a perfect fit to inspect and manage hard to reach assets. Using drones equipped with high quality cameras or optional thermal imaging cameras drones have the ability to detect even the smallest crack, surface degradation or difference in temperature.

Refineries & Industrial Plants

Drones are able to go above, inside or around dangerous or hard to reach locations within existing facilities to photograph or video structures within refineries. Drones can detect temperature and gas readings, see corrosion or rusting and broken or damaged insulation.

Farming & Agriculture

Drones have the ability to increase agricultural efficiency by identifying plants with “bio-stress”. Current agricultural drone software has the ability to count plants and forecast yields. Even plan height measurement is possible to determine grown stages.

Surveying & Topography

Using drones for surveying is quickly becoming the preferred method used. It’s 85% quicker and cost 4 times less than typical survey measurements. Data collected can be exported into your existing software systems or can be used with a number of software products.

Mining & Quarries

If you are interested in real time accurate quantity data for your mining or quarrying operations drones are a wonderful option. No other piece of equipment comes close to drones in providing accurate and useful volumetric data in such an efficient and safe way.

Emergency Response

With a nationwide network of professional trained drone pilots FlyGuys has the able to engage in "On Call" Emergency services. Hot spot location for the local fire department, environmental catastrophes, or construction related safety issues FlyGuys is ready.

Drone Services Offered

Aerial Photography

Get the aerial vantage points on your assets and projects. Visual or thermal imaging, video or still images of hard to reach locations, expertly packaged and provided in immediately usable formats.

Mapping & Orthomosaic

Create 2D, 3D, and 4D maps and access them in the cloud. Measure distances and volumes, annotate and share


Send a drone to places that are hazardous to human inspectors: : Pitched roofs, industrial stacks, cell towers, wind turbines, hazardous waste sites or emergency situations.

Progress Documentation

Demonstrate progress for your construction or renovation project with time lapse documentation.

Media Post Production

Professional, broadcast quality videos with or without drone footage. Infuse music, text, and animation to make your video stunning and memorable and deliver your core message.


Integrate drone media, maps and data into existing systems or into custom built, interactive applications developed by our in-house development team including social media platform integration.

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Drone Pilot Jobs

FlyGuys offers drone pilot jobs along with an assortment of other services catered to drone pilots nationwide. If you want to make money flying drones then you've come to the right place.

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