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Nationwide drone services

FlyGuys drone pilots are professionally certified, FAA compliant and fully insured. We fly nationwide and have regional offices across the US.

FlyGuys’ high quality drone imaging solves many costly, hazardous and time-intensive issues compared to traditional methods of aerial or remote imaging / inspection involving personnel and cranes, or helicopters, or planes. What’s more, combining drones and cameras or other Internet of Things sensors with our analytics and data services can unlock a whole new realm of extreme value.

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Drone Pilot Jobs

FlyGuys offers drone pilot jobs along with an assortment of other services catered to drone pilots nationwide. If you want to make money flying drones then you've come to the right place.

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Drone Services

Aerial Imaging

Get the aerial vantage point on your assets and projects. Visual or thermal imaging, video or still images of hard to reach locations, expertly packaged and provided in immediately usable formats.

Mapping and Surveying

Create 2D, 3D, and 4D maps and access them in the cloud. Measure distances and volumes, annotate and share


Send a drone to places that are hazardous to human inspectors: : Pitched roofs, industrial stacks, cell towers, wind turbines, hazardous waste sites or emergency situations.

Progress Documentation

Demonstrate progress for your construction or renovation project with time lapse documentation.

Media Post Production

Professional, broadcast quality videos with or without drone footage. Infuse music, text, and animation to make your video stunning and memorable and deliver your core message.


Integrate drone media, maps and data into existing systems or into custom built, interactive applications developed by our in-house development team including social media platform integration.

Drone applications and industries

We serve a wide variety of industries such as construction, real estate, golf courses and any others.

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Being mentioned in the same article with WAITR makes us proud. Going to get Chris Meaux to autograph my monitor since he has some of his staff in the same building as FlyGuys

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Lydia Magallanes interviews the founder of FlyGuys covering the recent change in the FAA regulation which will lead to an explosion of commercial pilots delivering value mulitple industries

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The culture at FlyGuys is all about the joy of delivering value. Now that an entire section of the sub-stratum of the planet has been opened by drone technology, there is low hanging fruit to harvest so to speak. At FlyGuys, we get off on delivering that value, that 'aha!' moment when the client first sees what drones can do for them.


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